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Senior Peer Counseling Program

Offering your services to the Senior Peer Counseling Program will help support outreach efforts to isolated and homebound adults in Sacramento County. Last year our program reached 159 clients. Sacramento has a proud tradition of neighbor helping neighbor, and today this volunteer spirit is needed more than ever before. Consider the benefits of volunteering:› It provides a way to be useful by helping others. The work is enjoyable and makes one feel needed.

  • Volunteerism is good for the heart. It increases your self-esteem and lessens stress and depression.
  • Studies show that people who volunteer live longer, healthier, and happier lives.
  • People will appreciate your efforts.
  • You can help somebody not as fortunate as you.
  • And of course, you may have your own compassionate reasons.
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Your Help Is Appreciated

Because there are not enough volunteers to always meet client needs, the program has to be selective and take only clients with the greatest needs. But we want to reach as many as possible. That’s where you fit in.

Your Role As Peer Counselor
As a Peer Counselor, you offer clients help with everyday life – maybe you’ll go to the grocery store to pick up bread or milk, or to the pharmacy for medications, or run any other errand a good neighbor might.

Our volunteers visit their clients on a regular basis for an hour or so at a time. They often help a senior make use of community resources and utilize dental, vision, and hearing services. Advice on and health issues is also available. Senior Peer Counseling volunteers also assist clients at the second site, the MedClinic Geriatric Network.

Of course, you don’t have to be a senior yourself to become a peer counselor. But you should have an interest in being with someone who has an interesting history and personality. If this sounds like you, please call (916) 366-4600 to learn more.

About Senior Peer Counseling

Founded in 1983, Senior Peer Counseling is a program that meets critical community needs Senior Services Administrator Donna Reynolds has conducted the program under the auspices of the Mental Health Association, Sacramento Chapter and through funding by the Sacramento Employment Training Agency (SETA), the County of Sacramento, Division of Mental Health, and Area 4 Agency on Aging.

What They Are Saying

“We are a band-aid on a very serious problem. There is an enormous increase every year in the number of elderly people who need our services.”
- Donna Reynolds, Senior Services Administrator

“I feel I have more compassion for these seniors because I am a senior citizen too, and because I am lucky enough to have a very supportive family.”
- Josephine Lee, Senior Peer Counselor

“Our assistance comes from the heart. This job has brought me more rewards than any paid position I have ever done.” - Charles Webster, Senior Peer Counselor

“This job is good for my health. It keeps me active and prevents depression.” - Walter Olson, Senior Peer Counselor